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Do You Or Anyone In Your Household Have Head Lice?

It could very well be most parent's nightmare, and I'm sure it's making you squirm just thinking about it. Your child comes home from school scratching their head. No, its not dandruff, but those dreadful, pesky little parasites - lice! These tiny bugs are more of a nuisance than a health problem.

My Hair Helpers is your solution to the problem!

Are you trying to figure out how to get rid of those annoying, microbe insects? Located in Calabasas, California, My Hair Helpers provide a line of all-natural products that not only eliminate the lice and nits but also prevent lice from returning. Unlike harsh chemical-based products, our enzyme-based solution offers immediate relief after just one treatment.

We also offer our head lice removal service whereas we will come to your home and get rid of you or your children's head lice within hours of your call.

Products And Services Offered Are:

  • Lice Shampoo
  • Lice Conditioner
  • Lice Mousse
  • Special Spiral Toothed Combs
  • School Head Lice Checks
  • Mobile Head Lice Removal Services
  • And More!

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